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Using the Flip Camera

You Tube introduction to the Flip Camera.

User guides from Cisco
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Exporting from Flip Share to the Media Drive

(Instructions sourced and adapted from Cisco Knowledge Bank)

Export files from FlipShare to your Windows-based computer
The following steps will guide you on how to use the Export to… feature of FlipShare to export video and snapshot files:
Step 1: On the FlipShare navigation pane, go to the folder of the files you want to export.
external image kb60-008_en.png
Step 2: Select the file you would like to copy.
external image kb60-015_en_v11.png

Step 3: Right-click on your selected videos and select Export to… from the menu.
external image kb60-016_en_v11.png

Step 4: When a dialogue box appears on your screen, follow the instructions:
If you are exporting videos, the About Exporting Items window will appear. Click Export to continue.
external image kb60-017_en_v11.png

NOTE: You can also create a new folder by clicking on the Make New Folder button.
external image kb60-020_en_v11.png

FlipShare will then perform the exporting process. This usually takes about a few minutes, depending on the specifications of your computer.
external image kb60-013_en.png

The exporting progress is indicated at the bottom left corner of the main FlipShare window. Once your items have been successfully exported, FlipShare will confirm this in the progress box.
external image kb60-014_en.png

NOTE: The file(s) you have just exported to your computer will automatically be saved as an MP4 file for videos and JPG file for snapshots.

Charging your flip camera

Common Facts about Flip Video Camera Batteries
1. The battery stops charging when it is full, so leaving it connected will not provide additional charge. It is recommended to disconnect the video camera after the battery is fully charged to help preserve the battery's lifespan and performance. To learn more on how to charge your Flip video camera with the power adapter, click here.
2. Charging your Flip video camera for less than the regular charging time will not provide you with the optimum capacity of the video
3. Recharging your Flip video camera on the computer may take longer if the FlipShare software is running. Make sure to exit the program first before recharging.

4. In order to conserve battery life and maximize your Flip video camera’s use time, the device will automatically power OFF after certain seconds of inactivity depending on the model of your video camera.

5. You can hear a short beeping sound after you’ve inserted your video camera during normal charging. The Flip video camera will continue to charge as long as it is connected to your computer’s high-powered 2.0 USB port or to the Flip Power Adapter. Allow it to run the full charging cycle after the proper operating temperature has been reached.

Fully charging the Flip Video Ultra battery pack for the Flip Ultra and UltraHD video cameras takes about six hours if you plug the video camera into your computer's high-powered USB port. The Flip Power Adapter can charge the battery pack in approximately 2.5 or 3.5 hours, depending on the video camera model.

Fully charging the battery pack for the Flip Mino, MinoHD, MinoHD II or MinoHD III takes about three to four hours if you plug the camera into your computer's high-powered USB 2.0 port. Fully charging the Flip SlideHD video camera takes about four hours if you plug the video camera into your computer’s high-powered USB 2.0 port. The Flip Power Adapter can charge the Flip Mino and Flip SlideHD in two hours.
2. The Flip Mino, MinoHD, Flip MinoHD II, MinoHD III, and Flip SlideHD have a built-in, rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. It provides better performance since Lithium-ion batteries are lighter and can be used for a longer period of time as compared to other generic types. Many devices also prefer to use this type of battery technology, thus, attesting its popularity and reliability.
You can also recharge the Flip’s Lithium-ion battery at your convenience (all Mino family devices, and SlideHD). There is no need to wait for the battery to be fully recharged as it maintains its high-quality performance despite limited charging hours.
3. If fully charged, the Flip Mino, MinoHD, and Flip SlideHD batteries should provide up to 2 hours of video camera use before recharging.
4. For Flip Mino, Flip MinoHD, and SlideHD batteries, the standby time is about three months when fully charged. After three months without usage, the battery will likely be fully depleted. You may find that the battery is empty before then, which is normal. Even when it is not being used, the battery normally dissipates slightly over time. Lithium-ion batteries need to be used for maximum performance. If you do not use your device often, be sure to complete at least one charge cycle per month.
5. In order to conserve battery life and maximize your Flip Mino, MinoHD and SlideHD video camera's use time, the camera automatically powers OFF after 60 seconds of inactivity. Flip SlideHD powers OFF after 90 seconds of inactivity.Camera Mo
6. A reset procedure usually addresses the issue of Flip cameras having problems with charging. To know how to reset your Flip Mino, MinoHD, and SlideHD video camera, click here.
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Flip Knowledge Base

Convert files to another format

If you are wishing to use the files in a programme such as Microsoft PPT you will need to convert the format.
I recommend Prism Video Converter or similar to do this.
Prism Video Converter Software
(free version for non commerical use)

Other converters can be found here - Cool Tools for Schools File Converters.



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